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Teacher’s Day

Posted 9/23/2016

Teachers have been an important part of everyone’s life. Their contribution in paving the right path needs to be applauded. Teacher’s Day was celebrated on September 5 at our Women Literacy Centers in the memory of the greatest teacher who was also the second President of India, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. At some centers, the passed out beneficiaries of our WLC played the role of center incharge and taught the current beneficiaries. They also thanked their incharges for making them literate and receive  respect in the eyes of their children. The coordinators explained the importance of Education in the lives of the women. They also explained why the auspicious day is celebrated. They took a promise from the beneficiaries to respect their incharges and learn their lessons enthusiastically. Beautiful rangoli were made by the beneficiaries for their incharges. Some of them made beautiful cards also.

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Cleanliness Campaign at WLCs

Posted 9/23/2016


Cleanliness campaigns were organized at different Women Literacy Centers in the J.J. Clusters. The coordinator, center incharge, beneficiaries and their children actively participated in it. They hold the brooms, divided the task among them and started cleaning their dirty streets.

They collected the garbage and threw it in dustbins. The children hold the posters and they all went in the streets of the clusters so as to create awareness about Cleanliness and hygiene. The whole team enthusiastically organized rallies in their community and explained the women about the importance of cleanliness at their homes and in their surroundings.

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Expanding Our Vision Plans for The Future


Our contributions thus far have been based on the generosity and unflagging support of a wide circle of family and friends. We hope to build on this base and expand our efforts to harvest contributions from further a field to make the trust capable of executing the ambitious plans we have for these program and for our schools.

Some of these include introducing new educational techniques and program that enrich the learning process within our schools to children who come from families where they are first generation learners and can get little support at home for ‘homework’ or ‘projects’. We would also like to introduce our staff to new initiatives and training programs, build a Science Laboratory, an Art Centre and Volleyball Court, send our children for national level competitions in sports and other fields, hire more staff for better administration etc. We are also keen that more children from our schools avail of the scholarship program that we have to offer and take up coaching for entrance exams to insstitutes like the IITs that offer them and their families, life changing in an imaginative, creative and quality conscious manner.

We would also like to be in tune with larger outreach efforts so that we become a part of global charitable funding initiatives and plug in mainline organizations that manage these initiatives from across the world. Our plans include starting a website and increase our visibility and attract donors. We are looking for contributions for all these efforts and would be greatful for your support to enable us to carry them forward.