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  Virmani Trust



The Dhanpatmal Virmani Education Trust and Management Society was established in pre-partition India by two brothers in the memory of their father. The trust opened a school in Lyallpur (now Faisalabad), Punjab in 1916 and ran it successfully till the chaos of partition and migration in 1947. After enormous efforts, the school was re-established in Delhi in 1954 on rented premises with government aid. In 1963 it moved to its current premises on land granted by the government. Another low fee private school for the children of the area was also built on the same premises later. The Trust runs several scholarship schemes that award scholarship for less privileged students in school as also for graduate and post graduate studies.

A Women Literacy Program that teaches illiterate women functional HINDI, ARITHMETIC and a VOCATION was started in 2004.


Scholarship Programmes


Scholarships are given to meritors students from the economically weaker section of society for school students, graduate and post graduate studies.

The following scholarship programs are being run by the Virmani Trust :-

Ram Bai Ishwar Devi Scholarship – to meritorious students of Dhanpatmal Virmani Senior Secondary School.

Shakuntala Bajaj Scholarship - to meritorious & needy students of Virmani Public School.

Prakash Kalra Scholarship - to meritorious students of Dhanpatmal Virmani Senior Secondary School.

Ram Chandera Bholi Bhai Scholarship - to meritorious students of Dhanpatmal Virmani Senior Secondary School.

R. N. Virmani Scholarship – for persuing higher studies for medical, Engineering & other Professional Graduate Degree to meritorious students.

Dr. H. R. Virmani Scholarship – to meritorious & needy students for medical studies.



Dhanpatmal Virmani Senior Secondary School and the Virmani Public School cater to children of drivers, small shopkeepers, Class Four government employees, low level clerical or laboratory staff from nearby Delhi University.

Some children have only a single parent or a single bread earner in the family and cannot afford uniforms or books easily. Many cannot afford even the fee that we have kept deliberately low to ensure a diversified and broad based student body.

Yet the Virmani Trust has consistently made efforts to ensure that are quality inputs and constant up gradation of activities, systems, creative teaching techniques, computerization, projects and events that provide the students with an enhanced schooling experience that other government aided or low fee private schools simply cannot and do not provide. These include the hiring of an educational consultant to bring in new best practices in the field, the introduction of a nursery block with the latest methods of classroom participation and teaching techniques, the bringing in of outside experts for Drama, Music Computer Activities, the recruitment of better trained and qualified staff etc. 








Women’s  Literacy Programme

Our Women’s Literacy Project started in 2004 with five centers and old donated computers in slum clusters around Delhi. Its objective was to teach illiterate adult women functional literacy, one that would enable them to read newspapers, hoarding or signages, children’s report  cards, daily accounts or any legal documents they may have to sign.                                                          

 A computer module developed by Tata Consultancy Services was introduced on computers donated by them that juxtaposed text, sound and visuals to enable an illiterate person to read and write Hindi and learn Arithmetic.

Today  the Trust runs 372 Centers in and around Delhi. So far over 20,000 women have studied at these centers. Currently 9500 women are attending classes in our Centers.

As we have frequently highlighted, the cost of enabling an illiterate person to read and write Hindi is only Rs. 2500/-.

Our sponsors, partners and friends like Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited  (TPDDL) that supports 251 Centers and several NGOs and Companies have been unflagging in their encouragement and assistance for our efforts. We have also been supported by fledgling contributions from overseas an effort we would greatly like to expand.

Thanks to this support, vocational training was introduced. The prospect of earning an extra small income has also motivated women to ensure their regular attendance at these centers. Our goal is to expand our centers to 700 by next year. Each centre costs Rs. 6500/- per month to run, including the salary of the person in charge.